Corbett Fire Department Heini Ziegler Award

The Heini Ziegler Award was established to honor the service of Heini Ziegler who was one of the founding fathers of the Corbett Fire Department in the late 1940s as well as serving as a Chief of the Department (1962-75).

However, Heini also served the community in numerous other ways, including service on the Water District and School District Boards. A true renaissance person, he was so respected that he was often asked to solve neighborhood disputes. He was a gifted mechanic and could easily fix your broken down car. He even, with the help of Radio Shack, built his own computer in the mid1980s. After Heini retired, he volunteered to help out in the automotive classes at Columbia High School in Troutdale. One of his students was Fire Marshall Dave Flood.

After his death the Fire Department decided to establish the Heini Ziegler Award to honor all of Heini’s service to the community. Anyone can nominate an individual, who lives in the community, that you feel should be recognized for their volunteer efforts in the Corbett community. The winner will be chosen by a committee from the Corbett Fire Department, they will get their name on a plaque that hangs on the wall at the Corbett Fire Station, and a small cash award. This is funded by an account that was set up from the donations that the department received after Heini’s death. It is hoped that the winner will take his/her family out to dinner and enjoy a good meal. Heini would approve! Additionally, the winner will be recognized at the Fire Department’s Open House in October.

The deadline for the applications is Sept. 19, 2022 and the application can be downloaded here.

Questions can be directed to Duane Redfield at