Backyard and Agricultural (Outdoor) Burning – Call 503-809-4372, Option 2


Backyard and Agricultural (Outdoor) burning is closed in early July.  It resumes when rain returns consistently in late September/October.

Start your fires early in the day so that they are out by dark and always call 503-809-4372, Option 2 to make sure burning is allowed.  Predicted wind speed and local air quality are typically the deciding factors on whether or not it’s a burn day.

If the weather forecast is wrong and/or our message says it’s ok to burn but it’s windy out, please do us a favor and wait for a safer day.

Recreational Fires

Please follow the guidelines and rules listed below for Recreational Fires:

Recreational Fires are defined as burning clean, dry, cord type firewood in a standard campfire type setting.  Recreational Fires must be built in a pit, rock circle or metal receptacle made for this purpose.  The fire must not be larger than a standard campfire, less than three feet in diameter, with the pile less than two feet in height. 

  • Cooking with standard barbecue equipment (propane, charcoal briquets, wood pellets) – no limitations.
  • Outdoor fires for ceremonies, large gatherings, institutions, camps or retreat centers – a permit from Fire District #14 must be obtained.  Please call 503-809-4372, Option 2 for an inspection and written permit.
  • A recreational fire located in a pit shall be at least 25 feet from any structures or combustible fencing.  Fires contained in fireplace type receptacles, including chimineas, shall be no less than 15 feet from a structure, or the approved distance listed in the manufacturer’s directions, whichever is less.
  • Outdoor burning devices equipped with a spark arrester shall not have the arrester modified in any way.
  • A responsible person shall be in attendance at all times and have approved fire extinguishing equipment (garden hose, water bucket, shovel, fire extinguisher, etc.) close at hand.
  • The smoke from the fire must not be of a noxious quality or quantity that causes complaints from neighbors.
  • No garbage, construction debris or similar material is to be burned in these fires.  Repeat offenders will be referred to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).
  • Observe common safety practices while enjoying recreational fires.  Cease burning if the wind picks up to 10 mph or higher.  Be careful and watch out for small children in the vicinity.
  • Please be sure the fire is completely out if it can no longer be attended.

Corbett Fire may require the extinguishment of any outdoor fire if safety rules are being violated.  In the summer months there may be a State-wide ban on burning.  Outdoor burning (BBQs are exempt) is prohibited during an Open Burning Ban.  If you have questions, please call 503-809-4372, Option 2.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.